About Us


Mark Mortimer started BigStix Baseball, Incorporated based on a passion to see young boys and young men grow into athletes by tapping into their burning desire to play baseball.  The organization’s focus is to build character and confidence so that no matter where the young men may find themselves in life, they will have a strong foundation of sportsmanship, team work and self-confidence.

BigStix Baseball was officially incorporated with the Georgia Secretary of State in 2015, but the organization’s programs have been running for almost 10 years.  We acquired our 501(c)3 in 2016 to assist in mobilizing resources and contributions to ensure our programs are successful and that our athletes have all of the equipment needed to play during the season.

The mission is to develop, promote and prepare young men for the next level of baseball beyond high school and college.  Our primary goal is to generate scholarships and/or opportunities for student athletes.


Given the many distractions faced by youth and young adults, BigStix Baseball focuses in on two areas when it comes to utilizing baseball as a portal to build life skills and self-enrichment:

1. Develop and Improve baseball skills to appreciate the art of the sport

2. Instill teamwork and sportsmanship qualities to assist those who go on to college and/or minor or major league baseball

We believe every young person has value and giving them the attention, patience and willpower to excel, they will rise to the occasion and become better athletes and positive contributors to their community and society.